IELTS and Spoken English

Young woman student preparing for Ielts

Enabling youth to understand the world and become effective communicator.

Why IELTS & Spoken English?

As English is an international language and spoken worldwide. So it has become necessary to learn English to have command on language and get better opportunities around the world. Here are some points which highlight the importance of learning English language.

1.It opens doors:- If you learn English and take IELTS test it will open up the doors to study comma work and live in the countries around the world. Because English is the language globally spoken, so if you have command on language then you can go to the countries you wish and build your career there.

2.Learn different courses:- Nowadays all courses are available in English language. If you want to learn any software or programming language then it is also available in English. There are a lot of people who cannot easily understand the words or terminologies. So if you learn English, you can do any course very easily. It will sharpen your knowledge and skills.

3.It broadens your knowledge:- Learning a language broadens your knowledge English is used everywhere, whether we talk about schools, colleges, universities or any workplace. Most of the websites also provide content in English. Books are also written in English. If you have command on English you can access to wide range of data and be able to increase your knowledge by reading books and articles etc. In this way you can increase your intellectual ability.

4.Improves your confidence:- English speaking is a skill that every person want to possess. There may hardly anyone who don’t want to communicate in English. By learning english you can be able to speak in english. You can become confident by communicating in english. A person speaking english also gets attraction of other people and it is helpful to increase the morale and confidence of a person.

5.Improves personality:- Effective communication skill leaves good impression on others. If you become able to speak fluently in english, it will help you to earn respect of people. It will automatically improve your personality, because you can express yourself in the most convincing way and this skill plays a crucial role in enhancing one’s personality.

6.Opens up opportunities:- Being able to speak english allows you to communicate effectively with people around the world. This will open up the opportunities for you to work in any country you wish. You can travel around the world and seek various work opportunities for you. Various industries like airlines, tourism and film industries use english as their official language. so you can get the bundle of opportunities with effective english speaking skill.

7.Get employed in well known industries:- Becoming able to speak fluently in english makes you more desirable to the employers. Many companies around the world required that their employees speak english. Furthermore, if you want to get higher position in companies like HR manager, finance officer etc., you have to become good communicator in english, because english has become the language of business.


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