Terms & conditions

1. Fees:

The students have to submit their dues prior to 8th of every month. Otherwise a fine of Rs 100 per day will be charged.

2. Identity Card:

The students have to wear identity card regularly. It is compulsory. Otherwise, fine of RS 50 per day will be charged.

3. Demo Classes:

Demo classes are also provided for the period of 21 days. One can enroll for demo classes after paying admission fees. One must have to attend proper classes regularly for 21 days in order to ensure that they are satisfied.
If you want to leave the classes you have to mention the particular reason for leaving. If you give valid reason, your 80% fees will be refunded .On the contrary, if it is found that you are leaving for personal reason, no fees will be refundable.

4. Job Guarantee:

Codrity provides 100% job guarantee required that students must attend all classes properly and be punctual. life skill and personality development lecture are also provided here that are for most important for one’s career . If student’s minimum attendance during the course is less then 90% and he/she does not attend 80% of life skills an personality development workshop, we will not take the guarantee to provide them job.
The course duration must be minimum 1 year. Because in short period one cannot get deep knowledge and mastery over any expert skill.

5. Full Payment Of Course Fees:

Codrity provides value to students and take responsibility to provide them jobs. We prepare students for interviews. We offer job opportunities from time to time. If during the course we provide you job, you have to pay fees for remaining duration of course.

And if you are leaving the course due to a valid reason, your fees will be refunded after deducting registration fees of rupees 500.

6. Class timing:

The class timing for every student is one and half hour.
But if you have your own system, you can sit for more than stipulated time, without disturbing other students.

7. Must inform before taking holiday:

students must inform to the official before taking holiday. If one fails to do so and be irregular for more than two days then his/her name will be out from “student of the Month” for that month.

8. Event charges:

Codrity celebrate events and functions from time to time. So many activities are performed in the events. These events are only meant for enhancing the ability of students and develop in them new skills.So all students must pay the event charges whether they attend the event or not.



Diwali, Annual Day, Independence Day

300- 500

Student of The Month


Educational Trip

1000 – 1500

9. Relationship issues:

As we see, in schools and colleges, most of the students have relationship issues.it definitely distract them from studies.
So, if we do the same here then it is just wastage of time and money. You should not distract yourself doing this, because it is time to focus on your career. It is time to make future.

10. Restriction on usage of phones during class:

students have to put their mobile phones on silent. Because one ring of phone can distract you from your work.
So students must not use their phones during the class, because it is the only time you working on your goal. It is suggested to work with focus without being disturbed.

11. Student of the Month

Students must pay student of the month charges every month, otherwise their name will not be shortlisted for student of the month for at least three months. And if any student does not pay these charges for 2- 3 months continuously, they can not become student of the month during their course duration.