Shortcut keys in Computer

shortcut keys of computer

Shortcut keys in computer work wonder for us in terms of saving time and efforts. When a user is doing any task on the computer, he uses the mouse for selecting any file, folder, program, or for selecting options for cut, copy, paste. For instance, if the user wants to copy and paste a word in any document, he will select the item/items by dragging the mouse then select options for cut, copy and paste that item/items. But mouse dragging is the long process which takes too much time, so for saving time we have shortcut keys. we can use shortcut keys in computer to perform different functions in just a few seconds without wasting much time.

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Excel Expert

excel expert

Excel is the most demanding skill in the industry today. A person with proficiency in excel or excel expert can earn up to 5 to 6 lacs per annum and even more. Our Excel classes are designed to help you use Microsoft Excel to record and analyze data on any level. You can learn how to perform basic functions and advanced data analysis only in some time. With excel formulas, and charts, the course will help you unlock the maximum potential of this popular data-analysis program. Our Excel course offers skills that are available at a high level of proficiency because a 100% practical approach is used to teach students.

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Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Digital Marketing refers to advertising a product or service through digital media. Digital Marketing is the skill that helps businesses to showcase their product or service to the people through digital means. Today, people spend most of their time on the internet and they see a number of ads on social media. But they click only on those ads which are attractive and which appeal to their eyes. So, only the person who can position a brand or product in people’s mind can be a master in digital marketing.

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Web Development Course Content

web development course content

Web development generally has two elements – front-end development and back-end development.

Front-end development is responsible for the outlook of the website or application that the user sees or interacts with. This is what we call UI (Use Interface). On the other hand, back-end development is responsible for the functioning, and recording of the data. This is called UX (User Experience).

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