Top 5 Professionals who work in creating a website

top 5 professionals who work in creating a website

Website designing may seem very easy and simple process. But, behind designing an awesome and user friendly website, there is a team of experts which work.

So, in this post, you will get full detail of professionals who work in website designing process. By the end of this post, you will not only learn about their job roles but also the skills they should have to perform that job.

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What to write in our personal daily Journal

write daily journal

We must have heard the name journal. For many people it is just a magazine of some particular articles. So let’s first find the actual meaning of the journal. The originally, journal means our daily record of activities and ideas. Keeping a daily journal is one of the productive habits. This habit is really hard to develop but once we develop this habit, we can be more productive individuals and achieve our goals faster. 

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Spoken English Course for Government School Students

spoken english course for government school students

As we know the trend of learning English has increased today. Talking about Punjab, everyone wants to learn English. If we talk about students of convent schools, they have good communication in English because they live in such environment. On the other hand, in government schools students are taught, “Parho Punjabi, Likho Punjabi, Bolo Punjabi”. They learn English, but just as a subject. We know that Punjabi is our mother tongue and it is mandatory to learn but English is very important to get professionalism.

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