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Spoken English Course for Government School Students

As we know the trend of learning English has increased today. Talking about Punjab, everyone wants to learn English. If we talk about students of convent schools, they have good communication in English because they live in such environment. On the other hand, in government schools students are taught, “Parho Punjabi, Likho Punjabi, Bolo Punjabi”. They learn English, but just as a subject. We know that Punjabi is our mother tongue and it is mandatory to learn but English is very important to get professionalism.

English is necessary because if we are not able to speak in English then we can’t grow in our career. Today we see number of students who are graduated but they are unemployed, they have no job. The major reason is inability to speak in English. There are so many reasons due to which students want to learn English. Sometimes we get criticized by other persons on speaking English in wrong way. Sometimes, when we chat on social media, we try to give reply in English but at the same time we erase the message immediately and send msg in our mother tongue. Other major thing is interview phase. Even if we are very skilled person, we get rejected from interview only because interview says, “speak in English” and we are not able to speak in English.

So these are the situations that we generally face. But there is no need to worry because Codrity Technologies is providing English Speaking course for government school students. This course is designed with new Sense Base Technique.

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