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Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence means creating the machines that work and react like human. Artificial intelligence is the area of science that aims in creating intelligent machines. As we all know, technology is developing day by day, so we can see automation at almost every place. 

Artificial Intelligence is a vast concept. It is the area where machines match with the level of human brain. In Artificial Intelligence machines think and work like human. AI includes various technologies. Some technologies we usually see at present like ATM machines. Some technologies will be seen in future. 

So, in this article we are basically going to discuss the types of AI and the jobs which are in danger.

Types of artificial intelligence :-

There are mainly three types of Artificial Intelligence in the era of technological advancement.

1 Weak Artificial Intelligence

Weak AI only deals with the particular type of work. In weak AI a machine can only be specialised in one specific work. For example ATM machines, ATM machines can only deal with depositing and withdrawing money or cash. It can’t do any other work like making payments transferring money etc. So it is called weak AI.

2 Strong Artificial Intelligence:-

As technology is upgrading rapidly, so when technology match with human brain and think and work as human beings do, it will be called as strong AI. For instance, ‘Amazon Go’. Amazing Go is a store made by Amazon for its employees. In this store, there is no receptionist, no counter man, no other employee. The person who want to purchase something can purchase by simply going there and picking the things. For the purpose of purchasing, the person should have an account in ‘Amazon Go app’. The person can only enter in the store by scanning the barcode at the entrance from phone. Everything that is picked or every transaction get recorded in the app and payment get deducted from purchaser’s account.

The another example is driverless cars. In these cars we can travel from source to destination without driver. These cars stop automatically on red signal and can monitor all sides while driving. 

3 Singularity

Singularity is high level intelligence that can even endanger the human breed. Though it is not in existence yet. In singularity machines will learn and think by itself. In this high level AI, machines and computers will program themselves as per their functions without the help of human. Machines will update their functions by their own and make new updated versions and systems automatically. It will be called ‘Singularity’.

So, it is about AI and technology upgradation that we will see in future. But, it also has significant impact on various jobs. That’s why there is need to discuss the jobs which are in danger after the introduction of AI and technological advancement.

Jobs in danger:-

1 Jobs of repetitive nature.



c.Consultancy services.

d.Customer care

2 Jobs including physical work.

a.Construction work.

b.Delivery work.

c.Factory work.

d.Labour work.

e.Paint work.


g.Mining work.

3 Data processing and data collecting jobs.

4 Professionals who don’t upgrade themselves.

Automation is the big change of today’s world. Due to technological advancement and impact of Artificial Intelligence, there is need to upgrade ourselves as per technology and to cope up with the technology. Otherwise we will remain with no job. So, the person who can meet the level of technology and machines, can only survive in future.

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