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Uses of Shortcuts in Computer

keyboard shortcuts

When a user is doing any task on the computer, he uses the mouse for selecting any file, folder, program, or for selecting options for cut, copy, paste. Like if the user wants to copy and paste a word in any document, he will select the item/items by dragging the mouse then select options for cut, copy and paste that item/items. But mouse dragging takes too much time, so for saving time we have shortcut keys, we can use shortcut keys to perform different functions in just a few seconds without wasting much time.

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Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence means creating the machines that work and react like human. Artificial intelligence is the area of science that aims in creating intelligent machines. As we all know, technology is developing day by day, so we can see automation at almost every place. 

Artificial Intelligence is a vast concept. It is the area where machines match with the level of human brain. In Artificial Intelligence machines think and work like human. AI includes various technologies. Some technologies we usually see at present like ATM machines. Some technologies will be seen in future. 

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Best Computer Institute in Hoshiarpur

Codrity Technologies computer education is a professional Institute providing computer training. It is the best institute offering variety of courses- courses for IT students, basic computer courses, certification courses. The institute was established in 2016 in Hoshiarpur. Courses at Codrity Technologies are highest in demand in the industry and widely acceptable by companies in India and abroad.

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Why computer education is necessary?

As we know, technology is developing day by day, the computers are used for every work and at every place. So, there is immense need of computer education. The purpose of computer education is to make students creative, better thinkers and efficient. Computer education is required for the career development of individuals. It is necessary to get good jobs. Because at the interview the common question of the interviewer is “Do you know how to use and operate computer?” So, we must know how computer works and how technology can bring our career upward.

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