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Why computer education is necessary?

As we know, technology is developing day by day, the computers are used for every work and at every place. So, there is immense need of computer education. The purpose of computer education is to make students creative, better thinkers and efficient. Computer education is required for the career development of individuals. It is necessary to get good jobs. Because at the interview the common question of the interviewer is “Do you know how to use and operate computer?” So, we must know how computer works and how technology can bring our career upward.

In this article, we are going to discuss the necessity of computer education.

Computer saves time

Computer saves our time as it can do big and complicated tasks in fraction of a second. In schools, banks, government institutes and many other places computers are used to get things done faster. Computer can do multiple tasks at a time. It reduces manual work.

If we learn computer then we can perform every task easily and fast. We can use keyboard shortcuts and smart techniques to work efficiently and in less time. Computer has made our life easier. We can shop online, transfer money, make payments without going anywhere. It saves our time. But we can do all this if we have knowledge of computer.

It improves work accuracy

Computer is an important tool in the modern industrialized world. As we know, computer gives accurate results. A person who has knowledge of computer can work accurately than a person who do not use computer. Computer does not make errors. It increases accuracy of work. For example, there is an accountant who records all the transactions of business. If he works manually and does mental calculations on paper then there is doubt of making some errors. But if he records data and does all calculations on computer then data will become more accurate. And organisation will get accurate and better results.

It increases efficiency of a person

A person having computer knowledge is surely much efficient than other persons. He will take less time to work as everything he has assigned is computerized. He will not require any physical work. He will do more tasks and work faster. He will use various computer tools to work efficiently. For instance, he can make presentation and give information through presentations. It also helps in developing technical skills. He can also make huge budgets by using MS Office tools.

So computer education helps in increasing the efficiency of a person.

It helps in getting good jobs

As computers have become a vital part of today’s world. At every place or work area, there is use of computer. Teaching students how to use computer helps them building a better career. Because at every job, the main requirement of company is computer skill. Companies demand only those persons who have the computer knowledge and who have command over computer. A person can get desired jobs by learning computer and various programming skills. So everyone must learn computer at the very beginning.

It connects us with the whole world

In the modern era, computer is the tool of communication. It helps us keep connected with each others. We can communicate with our relatives and loved ones residing at different places with the help of computer and internet. The time has gone when letters and telephones were used. Now we can communicate face to face with each other on video conferencing. Computer provides all facilities like calling, chatting, video conferencing and many more. It connects us with the world. For example, if a person want to take course from foreign institute then he can take classes online and also communicate with them regarding his queries.

So, if we want to take such benefits of computer we must learn computer.


Computer has critical importance in today’s world as no work can be imagined without computer. It helps us in every way. With so many advantages, computers also have some negative impacts. Its excess use can affect our eyes and may cause brain problems.

Technology is made for us. So we should use it in productive manner. We should not waste our precious time using computer excessively. Despite wasting our time we should use computer in such manner that it helps us building career and improve our efficiency.

With the growing use of computer, there is need of computer education. So, for our knowledge and benefit, it is necessary to learn computer.

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