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Uses of Shortcuts in Computer

When a user is doing any task on the computer, he uses the mouse for selecting any file, folder, program, or for selecting options for cut, copy, paste. Like if the user wants to copy and paste a word in any document, he will select the item/items by dragging the mouse then select options for cut, copy and paste that item/items. But mouse dragging takes too much time, so for saving time we have shortcut keys, we can use shortcut keys to perform different functions in just a few seconds without wasting much time.

For Example: I have given a task to complete within 20 minutes, of copying different pages from different folders and i am doing this by using mouse, like going to the options then selecting copy or paste, it takes too much time with mouse, but if i have knowledge of all shortcut keys, it will be easy and will be completed in less time. So we will get time to do extra work.


Ctrl+ASelect All
Ctrl+BBold Text
Ctrl+ECenter Alignment
Ctrl+GGo to
Ctrl+HReplace text
Ctrl+IItalic text
Ctrl+JJustify text
Ctrl+LLeft alignment
Ctrl+MFor new slide (In PowerPoint)
Ctrl+NTo open new file/ page
Ctrl+OOpen existing file
Ctrl+PTo print
Ctrl+QTo clear text formatting
Ctrl+RRight alignment
Ctrl+TOpen new tab
Ctrl+UUnderline text
Ctrl+VPaste text
Ctrl+WTo close any tab/file
Ctrl+XTo cut any text

Shortcuts with Window key:

WindowTo open start menu
Window+XOpen power menu
Window+TCycle through open apps on taskbar
Window+MMinimize all window and show desktop
Window+DToggle  between desktop and opened apps
Window+LLock system
Window+PProject to external screen
Window+FFind from start menu
Window+OLock screen orientation
Window+COpen charm bar
Window+IOpen settings in charm bar 
Window+HShare menu in charm bar
Window+TabSwitch to virtual desktop
Window+Prt scrScreenshot of active  desktop

Shortcuts with Function keys:

F3Paste name
F4Repeat last action
F5Go to
F6Next pane
F7Spell check
F8Extend mode
F9Recalculate all workbooks
F10Activate menu bar
F11New chart
F12Save as

Shortcuts with shift+function keys:

Shift+F1What is this 
Shift+F2Edit cell comment
Shift+F3Paste function into formula
Shift+F4Find next
Shift+F6Move to the previous pane of any document
Shift+F7Display the Thesaurus dialogue box
Shift+F8Add to selection mode (Shrink or reduce selection)
Shift+F9Calculate active worksheets
Shift+F10Display the shortcut menu for the selected item
Shift+F11Move to the previous field
Shift+F12Save the current document

Shortcuts with Ctrl+function keys:

Ctrl+F1Toggles the display of the ribbon
Ctrl+F2Displays the print options on the file tab
Ctrl+F3Open name manager dialogue box
Ctrl+F4Close the activate document or window after saving
Ctrl+F5Complete refresh of a web page
Ctrl+F9Inserts empty field into word
Ctrl+F10Maximizes window in word
Ctrl+F12Opens word document

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