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How to write a Resume

A well written resume is very important that helps you get selected in an interview . It is a document or tool that shows your qualification, skills and professional experience.

But writing a resume is not a ‘piece of cake’. Everyone finds themselves in trouble while writing a resume because they don’t know how and from where to start. 

 So, do you want to know how to write a perfect resume?  

 Here, we are providing some tips:


The structure of any resume plays a prominent role. Before writing a resume we must select the format of resume. We need to choose appropriate layout, color, font style and size.

So we have to make such structure of resume that will look sober and attractive and also will get attention of an interviewer.

Length of Resume

There are no such terms on the length of a resume. But it is suggested that if you have much work experience then length may vary from 2 to 3 pages. Or if you are a fresher then it may be 1-2 pages.

A resume must not be too lengthy. Although a well presented resume of 1 page is much better than a 2-3 pages resume having unnecessary information. It may give a better result.


  • Contact details: First of all one should need to give his/her contact info. Which would include name, contact no, place where they live, e-mail id or other contact information (if any).
  • Educational Qualification: One must mention his/her educational qualifications that that they have acquired. It may include matriculation, higher secondary education, graduation and post-graduation. The name of institute from where education is completed and with what marks education is completed must also be mentioned. 
  • Known Languages: One may also mention known language whether it is English, Hindi, Punjabi or any other language.
  • Technical Skills: Technical skills include knowledge regarding technology or computer. One must list technical skills like computer languages, software, program, graphic designing, Tally and accounting etc.
  • Soft Skills: soft skills are apart from technical skills. But these skills have the greatest impact on interview or further survival in career and work.

Soft skills include confidence, communication skill, presentation skill, team building and leadership skill, good listener etc.

While writing technical & soft skills:-

What to dowhat not to do
List the skills that you really haveList the vague or fake sills.
Highlight the skills that match with the job profile.Highlight the skills that are common (e.g. Hardworking, friendly etc.)
Highlight the skills that are common (e.g. Hardworking, friendly etc.)
  • Experience: For the experienced person it must require that he should mention his professional history, in which company or companies he had worked and for how many years he had worked.

A person must list the exact job profile he had:

Here are some things to take care of:-

What to dowhat not to do
Use of proper keywords 
e.g. 1.developed and implemented sales marketing plans.
2. Supervised and coordinated daily activities of business.
Write in simple words
e.g. 1.Incharge of sales and marketing plans.
2. Supervisor of business activities.
use professional job titles
e.g. 1. Marketing Manager/ HR Manager/ Sales Manager etc.
2. Web designer/ Graphic Designer/ Fashion Designer
Use simple titles for job
e.g. 1. Manager 
  • Interests and Hobbies: A person’s hobbies and interest have critical role in getting the job. One must write almost creative hobbies in resume. He may also write non-creative hobbies but not more than one or two.

Creative hobbies are those in which the person is creating something.

Non-creative hobbies are those activities which a person performs just to have fun. In this he is not creating something. 

Here is the list of hobbies that will help you to understand well:-

Creative HobbiesNon-Creative Hobbies
Reading books/blogsListening music
Art and craftTravelling with friends
CookingWeekly hangouts with friends
Travelling/ visiting to new places
Playing musical instruments
  • Achievements and Awards: In resume a person may list all his achievements and awards he received. The achievement that is most relevant to the job must be highlighted or kept on no.1.

Cover letter

While writing a resume one must need to create a resume cover letter. After creating resume a person can choose a cover letter having same layout, design, font and color.

Cover letter is the answer to the question, “Why should company hire you?” so, in cover letter one should write his extra skills and qualifications that comply with the job.

In cover letter one can focus on a particular skill in which he is best and serve to the company. He state what he can do for company and purpose of applying for job.

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