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What to write in our personal daily Journal

We must have heard the name journal. For many people it is just a magazine of some particular articles. So let’s first find the actual meaning of the journal. The originally, journal means our daily record of activities and ideas. Keeping a daily journal is one of the productive habits. This habit is really hard to develop but once we develop this habit, we can be more productive individuals and achieve our goals faster. 

Things to be included in a journal

In a General we can write so many things even our secrets and on poetry or stories etc. But the most important things that should be included in the journal are as follows.

1. Our goals

In our daily journal firstly we should write our goal and the reason behind choosing it that why we have chosen that goal. This reason will motivate us at the time we feel demotivated and think about quitting. It will never let us give up on our goal.

Then we must write the steps to achieve that goal. We can divide our ultimate goal into daily, weekly and monthly goals. We can divide our goals into a to-do list. 

2. Write about the people who inspire us

There are some people in our life who inspire us because they are our role models and we want to become like them. So we should write about them in our daily journal. And, one most important thing that we should write is the actions our role models take. These will help us take action like them and achieve our goals faster.

3. Tasks we have accomplished

In our daily routine we achieve many small targets and complete many tasks. So we can write all those completed tasks in our daily journal. It will motivate us to do more and better because many times we feel discouraged when we can’t complete a task or do that task properly. So our accomplished tasks will give us strength to do better and bigger tasks. 

4. Our achievements and appreciations

Many times in our life we receive kind words of appreciation. We can include all the appreciation in our daily journal. Also, we can include our achievements like awards, prizes for performing in the talent show or organising an event etc. These achievements and appreciation will give us happiness and courage that we can do anything in our life. 

5. New things and skills we learnt

In our daily journal we can include those skills and things that we have learnt. These skills may be playing any musical instrument, cooking, painting, computer skills, new language learning etc. By doing so, we will get to know our potential and we will learn more things and achieve your goals with great motivation.

6. Mistakes and areas to improve

In our daily journal, there should be a section where we can write down our mistakes so that we can never repeat those mistakes. 

Our mistakes are the best lessons for us.  Also, we should write all areas of concern where we can improve or make changes.

We can write down our habits that we want to change to be a more productive person. 

7. Things we are looking forward to do or learn

This is the major section we must include in our daily journal.  Everything that we want to learn whether it is any technical skill or a personal skill, we should write all of them in our daily journal.

Because our mind can’t remember all the things and we have different ideas in our mind at different times which is why we skip many important things in our life that we want to learn. That’s why we should write the things we seriously want to learn so that we can learn them in the future. 

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