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Purpose of holding Events

Codrity held events or functions from time to time not only for fun but these events are held to develop in students such skills that are required for their future career and personal life too.

Time Management Skills

Students are provided opportunity to organise the event. By this, they learn how to organise all activities, how and when to call someone to perform and foremostly how to manage the time so that all activities and performances can go smoothly and perfectly. So the purpose of holding events is to build time management skill in students. In weekly workshops students are taught about these skills. Time management is the skill that makes you handle your personal life too.

Presentation Skill

Students are given chance to give speeches, share thoughts and stories only to enhance students’ presentation skill. Suppose, if you are much knowledgeable and you keep on learning new things but if you are not able to present yourself in front of others or you are not able to explain about the matter then your knowledge is of no worth. So purpose of events is to build this skill because it is beneficial for your career aspect. You can present yourself confidently on interview time.

Problem Solving Skill

Other prominent skill is problem solving skill. In weekly lectures and workshops students are taught about these skills. Having this skill you can solve the problems by your own firstly and if it is hard to solve that problem only then you can approach your teacher or trainer. It will also enhance your learning skill and you can become self learner. There is another common thing that whenever a problem occurs we try to escape from that. But, there are two ways; whether we escape from that problem or we get excited by seeing new problem that now we will get to learn about something new. So if we have problem solving skill then we choose the second option.

Leadership Skill

In the events games are performed. As we know in games there are teams and one person lead each team. So the purpose of games in the events is to develop leadership skill in students. By this skill you can learn how to manage a team, how to bring cooperation among them, how to lead them so that every team member become high productive. This skill helps you in your professional life. Having this skill you can become a leader in the company.

Performance Improvement

The purpose of events is to improve the performance of students. You can raise your performance day by day if you attend all the lectures. Because in weekly lecturers so many new things are taught or discussed.

Life Management

Other skill is life management. In events you learn time management and problem solving skills. These are the crucial skills that help to manage and control your life. You will learn how to tackle problems in personal and professional life and how to manage the personal and professional life.

Personality Development

Personality does not only mean our Outlook and appearance but it also consists how we react or behave in a particular situation. The events, activities and workshops in Codrity help you develop your personality. You will learn many new life skills which will improve your personality.

Personal Finance

The activities held in Codrity meant to increase your potentials. In the workshops you learn how to communicate with others, how to crack interview. If you learn these skills then you can do job in any industry you want. In this way you can earn money and also learn anything you want. You can study further and fulfill your dreams.

Personal Profile Building

Codrity helps you get ready to face job interviews through job placement workshops. These workshops help you in writing your resume through practical sessions on resume writing. In this way you can build your personal profile in most convincing way. The events and workshops add extra credit in your resume.

How to Contact and Grow

The events help you enhance your confidence as you get a chance to perform in front of all. Our presentation events help you present yourself and enhance your communication skill. With this skill you can learn how to influence others and how to retain people with you. This skill helps you grow your contacts.

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