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Student of the Month

With the purpose to increase the performance level and develop soft skills in students, “Codrity” held the event “Student of the Month”. There are 10 points. These points are the qualities that a student must possess to become “Student of the Month”.

These qualities are

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Self Learning
  3. Presence of Mind ( Focus and Observation)
  4. Question Answer
  5. Attendance
  6. Confidence
  7. Presentation
  8. Helping Others
  9. Good Behavior
  10. Reference

Codrity held the events focusing on the future of the students. In the events, all activities are designed to make students creative self-learners, and highly productive.

Students are provided with the opportunity to perform on stage, speak in front of all, to take part in games and activities.

Goal in life

A student must have a goal in life so that he will put his efforts in the right direction in achieving the goal. But if a student has no goal then Codrity guides him to set a goal. A student will do self-learning if he has a goal. Self-learning is the only quality that makes students creative, and more productive.


You can learn everything with focus and observe deeply to get core knowledge if you are a self-learner. So if you learn with focus then you will have some questions and will ask those questions in class. You should attend all the classes so that you will not miss anything.

Proper knowledge makes you confident and then you can present yourself in front of others. Your behavior will automatically become good or friendly. You will also become a helping hand to others. Your personality will be changed and you will recommend others to join Codrity. All these points are interlinked and followed strictly.

If you will not attend classes properly and do any misleading activity during lectures duration your name will be out from “Student of The Month” for 3 months.

Event content

Various activities are performed on the auspicious event “Student of the Month”. 

  • Motivational and inspirational thoughts or stories by students.
  • Games and activities.
  • Funny acts.
  • Talent finding.
  • Food and beverages for refreshment.
  • Announcement of “ Student of the Month” and appreciated with a memento and cash price.


  • Motivational thoughts and stories by students.
  • Creative activities.
  • Team building and time management games with fun.

Purpose of the SOTM

Codrity held “Student of the Month” for students so that they will learn with fun. All activities are designed to make students creative and self-learner. In the event, the opportunity to perform on stage is provided to students, to speak in front of all, and to take part in games and activities.
The basic purpose of this is to build confidence in students and improve their public speaking skills, and remove their stage fear so that they can present themselves in front of others unhesitantly. It helps them in their interview time and professional life too.

Games have their importance. Games are designed and performed by students to improve their special skills like time management, team building, complex problem solving, and creative thinking. Because these skills help to get promoted and grow fastly in their career in a profession with these skills. So the purpose of games is to develop skills in the students with fun, amazement, and enthusiasm.

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