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Test Format of IELTS Reading

IELTS Reading Test requires you to read three different passages and respond to the related questions. The test lasts for sixty minutes. No extra time will be allotted to transfer the answers on answer sheet. The purpose of the test is to assess your reading skill as how well you read the main ideas of the passage, understand the conclusions and meanings, recognize writer’s opinions etc.

Test Format

1. IELTS Academic Reading Test

IELTS Academic Reading Test consists of three sections. Each section has one long text. These texts are taken from books, journals, newspapers and magazines. These texts are on academic topics of general interest. Texts are generally descriptive, factual, analytical.

2. IELTS General Training Reading Test

The General Training Reading Test also consists of three sections. The text used in each section is taken from official documents, company handbook, magazines, newspapers, notices and advertisements.

Section 1

This section consists of 2-3 short factual texts on the topic of everyday life in English speaking country.

Section 2

It consists of 2 short factual texts based on work-related issues. For instance, applying for job, company policies, terms and conditions, training of staff etc.

Section 3

It consists of one long and complex text based on general interest. It involves descriptive and instructive texts.

Types of Questions

There are total 40 questions in both Academic and General Training Test. You will be asked to answer the following types of questions:-

1.Matching heading questions

2.Fill in the gaps questions

3.Multiple choice questions

4.Sentence completion questions

5.True/False/Not Given or Yes/No/Not Given questions

6.Table/Flow chart/Diagram completion questions

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