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What are Passion and Hobbies?

When we ask our family, friends, or any other person, “what is your hobby?”

They all have different answers like,  they say, “My hobby is dancing, writing, singing, making a painting “etc.

“But, do you know what is the hobby?”

I also didn’t know. but now, I get to know the real meaning and sense of hobby. We usually say that hobby is anything we do in our free time or just to pass our time. It doesn’t only mean consuming our free time, but actually, it is something or any activity in which we create something, new ideas float into our mind, something but we just do anything because it refreshes us, relaxes our mind or gives us some kind of pleasure. like, if someone’s hobby is listening to music, he listens to a different kind of music series, he may also create music of his own. likewise, if someone’s hobby is writing, he can also write novels or articles or his blogs. sometimes he may do such things only to have pleasure.

Now, It comes to “Passion”. Passion is nothing but a hobby in which we create something extra, we put some extra effort into doing something. Passion can be only one.

for e.g. If a girl has different hobbies like dancing, singing, beauty, making paintings and she does these activities whenever she has spare time. Maybe she creates different things like new steps in the dance, new beauty tips different kinds of paintings and sketches, as per her hobby. From these hobbies, she can take one as passion. like, if she has much interest in beauty then she can take it as her passion, she can become a beautician.

In following her passion she finds new ideas, tips, she feels happy in doing this and never feels restless even she got tired from her routine work. Passion gives us worth or we can earn from it. from above e.g. if those girls become a beautician, she can open her parlor and also earn well.

Now a question occurs in everyone’s mind that how can we find our passion?

“Suppose there are 4 cubes on a table in front of you. from them how can you find that which cube is sugar cube?”

“yeah!! by tasting it”

Similarly, we can find our passion by working on our hobbies, our interests. If one has an interest in singing then we can get training from singing masters if he has an interest in graphics the can do a course in graphics designing if he has an interest in photography he can consult with photographers, he may research on world’s famous photographers, their profile or what they do.

And if a person is a job holder, he has to try different jobs. He can find passion in one job in which he feels much happiness, in which he becomes more creative and learns new things every day, most importantly he is willing to put his best efforts even more than his capabilities.  

In the way of following our passion, we have to become learners first. We have to gain much knowledge regarding the course we pursue. We have to learn every day to train ourselves like we are getting experience of it. In following our passion we don’t feel tired, even the problems & criticism don’t bother us. We just feel blessed and keep ongoing.
We remain with no excuse if we are really willing to do and dedicated to learning new things.
Today, the technology is so advanced that we can go on top if we use it in the right way.
For e.g. if someone likes singing and he is really passionate and dedicated towards his skills he can make his videos and upload them on YouTube. He may become famous.
Passion is so strong emotion that relaxes us from mental stress, makes us feel happy, makes us think differently, that gladden our inner soul. and also we can make a career in it. so, find your passion, learn every day from even the slightest things, be creative, be dedicated, develop yourself every day, and live life with great enthusiasm.

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