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12 tips to write an impressive blog

Studies have shown that blogging is a very successful career today. It can make you earn money from the comfort of your home. And you know what the interesting fact is?

” Bloggers are earning between $5000 to $ 10000 a month. And this income is way more than what engineers earn in India. “

~ According to a data

But wait! Blogging is not child’s play. You have to be real, honest, patient, and consistent if you are going to start a blogging career because most bloggers when they can’t generate money within 2-3 months, tend to quit blogging.

But we have some real tips which will help you to write impressive blogs and give a good start to your blogging career.

So let’s get into it.

1. Choose your blog topic wisely

One of the most important things while starting the blogging journey is a selection of topics. This is the thing that most people get stuck on. So here we have some tips regarding the selection of the block topic. 

. You should choose the topic about which you have much knowledge and interest.

. It isn’t a good idea to choose sensational topics every time because these won’t last for long.

. Choose the topic which people search the most. ( This is explained in the 6th point. )

2. Don’t copy the content from other websites

Copying others’ content is directly regarded as the act of ‘Plagiarism’. We don’t recommend you to copy someone’s content instead you should do fine research about your topic and write your own ideas. If you want to copy something, copy the extract from other’s blogs but not content. Otherwise, Google will charge you on the grounds of ‘Plagiarism’ and it may block your blog. Always remember Google is more intelligent than us.

3. Blog must be easy to read

If the readers can’t understand your content you can lose your audience. So your blog must be easy to read. You don’t need to write complex and long sentences. Your blog must be as easy that readers can understand on their first go. 

One more important thing is, you should not use too stylish fonts because readers won’t understand what you have written.

4. Write eye-catching title for your blog

The title is the only thing that makes your audience click on your blog and read it. So you have to write a title that can grab the attention of the audience and force them to click on your blog. A simple and so-so title won’t work as your blog can’t rank on Google.

For example, the title “some facts about blogging” won’t work as well as the title, “7 interesting facts about blogging you have never heard.”

5. Structure your blog

If you will write your blog in one long paragraph then it can’t keep readers engaged because nobody wants to read long paragraphs. There are a few things you need to consider while structuring your blog. These are:-

° Engaging opening – Opening of your blog must be engaging because many people tend to guess from the introduction the whole idea of a blog. And from the introduction, they decide whether they are gonna read the whole blog or not.

For an engaging opening, you can write a quote or interesting fact about the topic you are writing about. It will make readers curious and they will read your blog.

° Use headings, subheadings, and list styles – A long paragraph will make readers bored because nobody likes to read long paragraphs. So you should structure the main points of your blog in headings and subheadings. You can use various list styles or bullet points to highlight the ideas or specific points in the blog.

Remember, people read any blog just to get what they are looking for, and if they get the idea from the headings and highlighted points then it would be better for their help and they will definitely come to your blog again. Otherwise, they will just scroll and leave the page.

° Purpose of your blog – The purpose of your blog must exist in your blog from start to end. You can’t go out of track. For example, if your blog is about health and fitness, you can’t write about making money in between your blog.

° End objective – Some blogs have an end objective. It means what you want your reader to do after reading your blog let’s understand with the help of an example if your blog is about the importance of a website then it and objective can be two-word readers make their own website or if your blog is about food recipes then it and objective Navy to want readers to try that recipe and make that dish.

( If you have more ideas about structuring a blog, let us know in the comment section. ) 

6. Write blog that interest people

You should write a blog that is audience-centric. It means the blog in which people are interested. For this, you have to find your target audience and what they are searching for. To find the keywords or what people search the most, we have some great tools for you. 

Quora  In this app, you can find a number of questions that people ask. – Though it is not a free tool it is kind of audible to find the most searched keywords. 

Google Trends – It is a Google product and absolutely free to find the keywords. 

(If you know of any free tool for keyword research let us know in the comments. It would really help the readers.) 

7. Use attractive image related to blog

Another important thing to make your blog impressive is to use an attractive image in the blog because visual content keeps the readers engaged.

We recommend you to use images from free resources otherwise there can be legal or copyright issues. If you are using any image from an official site then you must give the source name underneath the image to prevent copyright issues. Here are some resources to get free images






8. Provide solution in your blog

One of the secrets to getting more traffic on your blog is to provide solutions to the problems of readers. For this, you should do fine research about your topic and provide accurate and detailed solutions. It should be quality content. If you will provide the reader with everything they are looking for then they won’t go to the other websites and become your permanent readers.

At last quality matters. 

9. Ask relevant questions

To keep your readers engaged you can ask interesting but relevant questions to your blog audience. By doing this, you will get to know who is genuinely reading your blog and commenting because most people just comment to give their backlinks. 

10. Preparation consistency

You should be consistent in your blogging journey. It is necessary to write a blog on a regular basis. if you will write blogs after long and infrequent intervals then you may lose your audience because your audience can’t find you and try to shift to other websites blogging sites to be regular and consistent we recommend you to write a blog at least twice a week and also published on time you can schedule publishing time once or twice a week as per your convenience. 

11. Take your time to write blog

A perfect blog needs a lot of research and it takes time. So don’t just simply start writing down your blog without any relevant information. Research about your topic properly and provide whole information in a detailed manner so that readers can find everything related to the topic in just one blog. If your blog will not contain proper information then there will be more bounce-back rate means the readers will leave your blog without reading and spending time on it and the more bounce-back rate will tend to decrease the rating of your blog.

12. Improve if needed

Last but not the least, you should improve your blog by the time whenever needed. You can add some more ideas to your blog if you find them further. Also, If somebody is giving you feedback regarding your blog and sharing his own ideas then you can improve those things and add those ideas to your blog. 

So, above is the 12 tips to write an impressive blog.

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