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How to get rid of a negative mindset

Mindset is everything. It can either make our life or ruin our life. Mindset is of two types – positive and negative. A positive mindset can lead us to the life we want, to our goal. On the other hand, a negative mindset can set us behind everyone. Everyone says that we should have a positive mindset. We read it on the quotes as well.

But before that, we need to know why we have a negative mindset, where does the negativity come from in our life. Only then we can remove negativity and have a positive mindset.

So let’s have a look at sources of negativity.

From where the negativity comes

1. Our surrounding

Our surrounding consists of the persons with whom we spend most of our time. They can be our parents, siblings, friends, or colleagues.

As there is a famous saying, “We become the average of persons with whom we spend most of our time.”

So, if we will spend most of our time with negative people, then we will automatically become negative.

Now the thing is, we cannot cut them off from our life. But, what we can do is, we can reduce interaction more with them.

2. Conditioning by family

As the family is our first school where we learn all the basic things. So, we become and behave how we were brought up by our parents. If the environment of our home is negative and always there are negative talks in the family, then we acquire those things and have negativity in mind.

3. Negativity is interesting

Negativity is interesting most of the time. Whenever there are negative talks, we like to listen to them. Because it seems interesting to us.

So, we should avoid them always if we want to be happy and succeed in life.

4. Non-productive discussions

Non-productive discussions include gossip regarding politics, Bollywood news, or religion. These are like drugs because when we start consuming them, we become addicted. These discussions are nowhere beneficial for us. Instead, these can take our skills down and can’t let us achieve our goals.

So, we should avoid them as much as we can.

5. Habit of blaming

This is the natural habit that when we can’t do or achieve anything, we start blaming others. But always remember that when we blame others, we can’t get ahead in life, instead, life sets us back.

So we should take responsibility even if we succeed or fail. This way we can understand our mistakes and achieve what we desire.

6. Negative beliefs

Mostly we have negative beliefs in our minds from our childhood. We think that we can’t do anything, people are bad, they think bad about us. These negative beliefs take us down.

So we need to change these beliefs. We should think good about people and believe in ourselves also. We must believe that whatever we are doing is the best and we can only achieve things by doing the work.

7. Not taking actions

When we have the work and we have the knowledge, but we can’t apply that knowledge and take action on our work, then we feel negative.

So what we have to do is, whenever we have any idea, we should write it and then take action on it. This way we can learn whether this idea is good for us or not.

How to remove negativity

1. Smile in every situation

Whenever we have any problem, we shouldn’t think about it. Instead, we should have a smile on our faces because a smile is a tool to avoid negativity.

Smiling also has a good impact on others. If we smile, the people around us also smile, even if they have problems. This is how we can create a positive environment around us.

2. Doing the work we don’t like

To remove the negativity, we should start doing the work we don’t like. At first, we will not feel like doing it. But, by the time, we will find interest in that.

This is how we can achieve success in that work and also avoid being free to think negatively.

3. Avoid short term solutions

We have a tendency to find only one particular short solution to the problem. We don’t think about other consequences. This is why we feel negative again if we have to face other consequences.

So we shouldn’t look for short-term solutions, instead, we should go deeply for the answers.

Every concept, whether it is related to personal or professional life, we should find the answers deeply until we reach the result or conclusion. This is how we will not feel negative anymore because we will have answers to every consequence. Also, we can give advice to others regarding this in case they need it.

4. Leave toxic zones

Many people come in toxic zones who always talk about negative things. They can be our friends, persons on our social media, our neighbors, etc.

So we should leave them and remove them from our life. Because these toxic zones can take you down and wouldn’t let you achieve anything.

5. Choose friends wisely

We should choose friends who always motivate us to achieve our goals and stand by us in all situations. Because when our friends leave us in hard times, we feel negative and depressed.

So we need to choose friends wisely.

6. Stop overthinking

When we overthink, we only think negatively. Overthinking can take us far from our goal and we feel lost in all the things. This thing ultimately makes us negative because we can’t achieve anything.

So we should stop overthinking as early as we can.

7. Remove frustrations from mind

Many times when we feel frustrated, we think about things with a negative attitude. In frustration, we make wrong decisions every time. So, we should remove the frustration from our minds as soon as we get frustrated. Otherwise, if we keep all the things in mind, our mind will get blocked and we can’t possibly think positively.

8. Take actions

We shouldn’t let our ideas be in our minds or written on notes. We should take action against them. Then we will realize whether those ideas are better for us or not.

If we take action on our plans, we can definitely achieve our goals and be happy.

So it can ultimately remove negativity from our life because we will have a sense of achievement.

9. Take responsibility

If we are doing anything, we should take responsibility for that. Our responsibilities make us good persons. If we will take responsibility for our success or failure then we will become dedicated and learn things in a great way. Then nobody can make us negative and stop us from achieving anything.

9. Talk to self

We should talk to ourselves daily, whenever we get time. This is how we can think about ourselves, what we actually want to do in our lives, what things make us happy and positive.

10. Motivating everyone around

We should motivate everyone around us whenever we think that we can. If not so, we should stay calm and quiet. 

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