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How to develop habits

Life is full of new lessons and great experiences. Every person in the world wants to learn something and develop some habits in themselves but fails many times. Why?

There are many reasons!

The first reason may seem funny but most of the time we make many resolutions that we will do this, that and so on. Also we do the things like that. But after a few days we get back to our previous habits and start doing the things as we used to do.

Also, we might have noticed that whenever we have free time, we feel bored and waste our time in just overthinking but we don’t think why it happens. The reason behind this is we have nothing productive to do at that time.

But, this is the time when we have to develop some good habits in ourselves, then we will learn how to invest our time in productive things. And if we really want to learn something and develop some habits, then we need to be consistent because everybody knows GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME. Also, we have to implement and practice whatever we learn. This is how we can learn accurately and never forget the things.

So, now as the title goes, the following points will explain how to develop the habits.

1. Give your 100%


Most of the time, when we start learning any new thing, we learn only a bit about that. For example, if we have an assignment to make, we just research a bit and write only to complete the word length or to show that we have made an assignment. Isn’t it relatable?

So we should give our 100% and put all our efforts to learn anything so that we can learn every inch of that. We have to complete our research, go in depth of things, analyse the things properly. Because we never know when that learning can be helpful for us in future.

Always remember, “Half knowledge takes you nowhere”.

This thing doesn’t only apply in our learning and goals but also in our day to day tasks. Suppose, we have to clean our room, then we have to put our all efforts and clean it the way that even our heart says, “wow! you have done it”.

  1. Start from small

When we have to start any new thing, we should start from very small. Because if we take a big task, it takes time to complete. And when we can’t finish that soon, we tend to leave that task in between which ultimately gets us back from our goal. We always hear that, “Beginning is always the hardest”. Everything seems difficult in starting.

So we have to start from small tasks because we can finish them easily. And this gives us a sense of achievement and motivates us to do more.

Completing the small tasks develops in ourselves the habit of finishing every task. Then slowly slowly, we should start taking bigger tasks. This is how we can reach our ultimate goal.

  1. Book reading

If we really want to develop some good habits in ourselves then we should have the circle of people who force us to level up, who are great and are doing great things in life. Generally, we don’t have such people around us. So we have to make a virtual circle of people.

In this case, books can take that place. We should read the books of great authors and implement their teachings in our life. The best choice is to read self-help books but if we don’t have any then we can go with our subject books. We should spare some time daily to read books so that we can get motivated and keep going.

Book reading is a habit which makes us productive and prevents us from wasting time and overthinking.

  1. Finishing the tasks

It’s true that many people can’t say no to others for work. But it certainly takes our value down when we can’t finish the task that we have taken and also we keep on regretting for these kind of things.

So, we should always finish every task once we start doing that. If we can’t finish that, we shouldn’t take that. Completion of work is a productive habit which is beneficial in both personal and professional settings. Moreover, it gives us pleasure and peace of mind and at the end of the day, we sleep with relaxation and not regrets.

Seriously, no moment is as happier as the moment of getting the task finished.

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