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Fake personality

Well, it starts with showing off. Some people, mostly the youngsters, have a craze to be popular among their friends and known. They remain up to date with social media. They post dazzling and classy pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and other social sites. They just try to show how much happy, rich and stunning they are. 

But is it as true as shown in the pictures?

It is a controversial point. Maybe some people are rich and they show as they really are. But some people are not. Even then they try to look their best, they try to put on their best clothes.
Coming to the fake personality, it means you have set your image as a person who you are not actually. Sometimes this fake personality puts you in trouble. You may lose many opportunities. For instance, there was a boy who was very popular on social sites and among his friends as well. One day he had to attend a party. But he denied it because he did not have new outfits. He thought that if he goes wearing old clothes, it will lower his image. But there could be the chance that at the party he might get some links of the persons who could help him in his career. He might also get a chance to meet some famous personalities. But he lost all the chances only because he thought that his image will go down.

Similarly in our life, it happens to us most of the time. We also feel down when we see attractive pictures of our friends, then lots of thoughts come into our mind. Like, “ Why did God make us so poor?” “ Why hasn’t God given us a luxurious life and attractive personality?”
So instead of thinking about all this, we should be our own.

It is suggested that:-

  1. We shouldn’t be sad about seeing others’ status and pictures.
  2. We should bear such a personality that we can maintain afterward. It means we should be real.
  3. We should be the genuine person that we really are, not fake because the fake personality also affects our relationships.
  4. And foremostly, we should not use social media only for posting status and pictures but in the right way.
  5. We can use social media to share our thoughts, some stories, or any new information that is useful and knowledgeable.
  6. We should use the media but in a way, that benefits us.
  7. We can inspire or motivate all on social media with various new ideas.

    At last, we should never forget that “Popularity of thoughts is better than the popularity of photos”.

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