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Most common IELTS speaking part 1 questions

The most expected speaking part 1 questions are here which will help you prepare best for your speaking test.

1. Topic – Friends

Q. Do you have many friends?

Q. Are your friends mostly your age or different ages?

Q. Tell me about your best friend at school.

Q. How often do you go out with friends?

Q. What do you like doing most with your friend/s?

Q. Do you think it’s important to keep in contact with friends you knew as a child?

Q. What makes a friend into a good friend?

Q. Which is more important to you, friends or family?

2. Topic – Names

Q. Did your parents choose your name(s)?

Q. How did your parents choose your name(s)?

Q. Does your name have any special meaning?

Q. Is your name common or unusual in your country?

Q. If you could change your name, would you? [Why/Why not?]

3. Topic – Food and cooking

Q. What sorts of food do you like eating most?

Q. Do you like cooking?

Q. Who normally does the cooking in your home?

Q. Do you watch cookery programmes on TV?

Q. What kind of new food would you like to try?

Q. In general, do you prefer eating out or eating at home? [Why?]

4. Topic – Photographs

Q. What type of photos do you like taking? 

Q. What do you do with the photos you take?

Q. When you visit other places, do you take photos or buy postcards? [Why/Why not?]

Q. Do you like people taking photos of you? [Why/Why not?]

5. Topic- Bicycles

Q. How popular are bicycles in your hometown?

Q. How often do you ride a bicycle?

Q. Do you think that bicycles are suitable for all ages? [Why/Why not?]

Q. What are the advantages of a bicycle compared to a car? [Why?]

6. Topic – Giving gifts

Q. When do people give gifts or presents in your country?

Q. Do you ever take a gift when you visit someone in their home? [Why/Why not?]

Q. When did you last receive a gift? [What was it?]

Q. Do you enjoy looking for gifts for people? [Why/Why not?]

7. Topic – Games

Q. What games are popular in your country? [Why?]

Q. Do you play any games? [Why/Why not?]

Q. How do people learn to play games in your country?

Q. Do you think it’s important for people to play games? [Why/Why not?]

8. Topic – Telephoning

Q. How often do you make telephone calls? [Why/Why not?]

Q. Who do you spend the most time talking to on the telephone? [Why?]

Q. When do you think you’ll next make a telephone call? [Why?]

Q. Do you sometimes prefer to send a text message instead of telephoning? [Why/Why not?]

9. Topic – Musical instruments

Q. Which instrument do you like listening to the most? [Why?]

Q. Have you ever learned to play a musical instrument? [Which one?]

Q. Do you think children should learn to play a musical instrument at school? [Why/Why not?]

Q. How easy would it be to learn to play an instrument without a teacher? [Why?]

10. Topic – Living place/hometown

Q. Where do you live?

Q. What kind of place is it?

Q. What’s the most interesting part of your town/village?

Q. What kind of jobs do the people in your town/village do?

Q. Would you say it’s a good place to live? (why?)

11. Topic – Accommodation

Q. Tell me about the kind of accommodation you live in?

Q. How long have you lived there?

Q. What do you like about living there?

Q. What sort of accommodation would you most like to live in?

12. Topic: Colour

Q. What’s your favourite colour? [Why?]

Q. Do you like the same colours now as you did when you were younger? [Why/Why not?]

Q. What can you learn about a person from the colours they like?

Q. Do any colours have a special meaning in your culture?

13. Topic: Flowers

Q. Do you like to have flowers in your home? [Why/Why not?]

Q. Where would you go to buy flowers? [Why?]

Q. On what occasions would you give someone flowers?

Q. Are flowers important in your culture? [Why/Why not?]

14. Topic: Neighbours

Q. How well do you know the people who live next door to you?

Q. How often do you see them? [Why/Why not?]

Q. What kinds of problems do people sometimes have with their neighbours?

Q. How do you think neighbours can help each other?

15. Topic: Your favourite place

Q. What place do you most like to visit? [Why?]

Q. How often do you visit this place? [Why?]

Q. Why do you like it so much?

Q. Is it popular with many other people? [Why?]

Q. Has it changed very much since you first went there? [In what way?]

16. Topic: Leisure

Q. Do you have any hobbies or interests? [What are they?]

Q. How did you become interested in (whatever hobby/ interest the candidate mentions)?

Q. What is there to do in your free time in (candidate’s hometown/village)?

Q. How do you usually spend your holidays?

Q. Is there anywhere you would particularly like to visit? [Why?]

17. Topic: Television

Q. How often do you watch television? [Why/Why not?]

Q. Which television channel do you usually watch? [Why?]

Q. Do you enjoy the advertisements on television? [Why/Why not?]

Q. Do you think most programmes on television are good? [Why/Why not?]

18. Topic: Entertainment

Q. Do you prefer relaxing at home or going out in the evening? [Why?]

Q. When you go out for an evening, what do you like to do?

Q. How popular is this with other people in your country?

Q. Is there any kind of entertainment you do not like? [Why/Why not?]

19. Topic: Newspapers and Magazines

Q. Which magazines and newspapers do you read? [Why?]

Q. What kinds of articles are you most interested in? [Why?]

Q. Have you ever read a newspaper or magazine in a foreign language? [When/Why?]

Q. Do you think reading a newspaper or magazine in a foreign language is a good way to learn the language? [Why/Why not?]

20. Topic: Countryside

Q. Can you tell me your full name, please?

Q. What shall I call you?

Q. Tell me about the countryside outside your town/city.

Q. Would you like to live in the countryside or a metropolitan city in the future? [Why?]

Q. Why do some people move to a city from a rural area? Do you know someone who did so?

Q. Do you enjoy visiting large cities or small villages? [Why?]

Topic: Countryside

Q. Do you like going to the countryside?

Q. Why is the countryside usually quieter than the city?

Q. Why do many people prefer to live in the countryside?

Q. Where are the quietest places in cities?

Q. What will the countryside look like in your country in the future?

21. Topic: Laughing

Q. What kinds of things make you laugh?

Q. Do you like making other people laugh? [Why/Why not?]

Q. Do you think it’s important for people to laugh? [Why/Why not?]

Q. Is laughing the same as feeling happy, do you think? [Why/Why not?]

22. Topic: Daily Routine

Q. What would you like to change in your daily routine?

Q. Are all your days the same?

Q. Tell me about your typical weekday and your typical weekend.

Q. What is the balance of work/study and free time in your normal day?

23. Topic: Travelling to work or college

Q. How do you usually travel to work or college? [Why?]

Q. Have you always travelled to work/college in the same way? [Why/Why not?]

Q. What do you like about travelling to work/college this way?

Q. What changes would improve the way you travel to work/college? [Why?]

Topic: Travelling

Q. How did you reach the examination centre?

Q. Do you like travelling?

Q. How do you usually travel?

Q. What are the most common types of transportation run on the streets in your country?

Q. Which types of transportation do people in your country often use to move? 

Topic: Travelling

Q. Which city in the world you would like to visit? Why?

Q. What will you suggest to a tourist who will come to visit your country?

Q. Why travelling is important?

Q. Have you ever been to a foreign country?

Q. How do you compare the country you have visited with your own?

24. Topic: Cold weather

Q. Have you ever been in very cold weather? [When?]

Q. How often is the weather cold where you come from?

Q. Are some parts of your country colder than others? [Why?]

Q. Would you prefer to live in a hot place or a cold place? [Why?]

25. Topic: Visitors

Q. What would you suggest a visitor should see and do in your country?

Q. Are there any traditional arts or music you would recommend?

Q. Tell me about the kind of foreign visitors or tourists who go to your country.

Q. In what ways has tourism changed your country?

26. Topic: Festivals

Q. Tell me about the most important festival in your country.

Q. What special food and activities are connected with this festival?

Q. What do you most enjoy about it?

Q. Do you think festivals are important for a country? [Why?]

27. Topic: Family

Q. Do you have a large family or a small family?

Q. Can you tell me something about them?

Q. How much time do you manage to spend with members of your family?

Q. What sorts of things do you like to do together?

Q. Do you get on well with your family? [Why?/why not]

28. Topic: School

Q. Did you go to a secondary/high school near to where you lived? [Why/Why not?]

Q. What did you like about your secondary/high school? [Why?]

Q. Tell me about anything you didn’t like at your school.

Q. How do you think your school could be improved? [Why/Why not?]

29. Topic: Weekends

Q. How do you usually spend your weekends? [Why?]

Q. Which is your favourite part of the weekend? [Why?]

Q. Do you think your weekends are long enough? [Why/Why not?]

Q. How important do you think it is to have free time on the weekends? [Why?]

30. Topic: Dancing

Q. Do you enjoy dancing? [Why/Why not?]

Q. Has anyone ever taught you to dance? [Why/Why not?]

Q. Tell me about any traditional dancing in your country.

Q. Tell me about some popular dancing in your country?

Q. Do you think that traditional dancing will be popular in the future? [Why/Why not?]

31. Topic: Music

Q. What types of music do you like to listen to? [Why?]

Q. At what times of day do you like to listen to music? [Why?]

Q. Did you learn to play a musical instrument when you were a child? [Why/Why not?]

Q. Do you think all children should learn to play a musical instrument? [Why/Why not?]

32. Topic: Job

Q. Are you working or studying?

Q. How long have you been working for this company?

Q. What are your job responsibilities?

Q. What do you like about the work you do?

Q. What do you want to change or improve in it?

33. Topic: Birthday celebration

Q. What is your date of birth?

Q. When was the last time you celebrated your birthday?

Q. Describe a birthday party you have attended?

Q. Do you celebrate your family members’ birthday?

34. Topic: Humour

1.  What types of programmes do you find funny on TV?

2.  What types of programmes are most popular in your country? Why do you think this is the case?

3.  What kind of things make you laugh? Why?

4.  Do you like to make people laugh? How?

5.  Do you think it is important to have a sense of humour?

35. Topic: Spending Time Alone

Q. Do you spend a lot of time by yourself?

Q. What do you usually do when you are alone?

Q. Has what you do when you are by yourself changed a lot since your childhood?

Q. Do you think it is important to have time for yourself?

36. Topic: Pets

Q. Do you have a pet or ever had a pet? What it is/was?

Q. What kind of pets do people like to have in your country?

Q. What kinds of pets are common in your country?

Q. Do many people in your country have pets? [Why? /Why not?]

37. Topic: Cinema

Q. Do you often go to the cinema?

Q. What kinds of movies do you like to watch?

Q. Did you like to go to the cinema when you were a child?

Q. Do you prefer to go alone or with friends?

38. Topic: Sports

Q. What types of sports do you like?

Q. What is the most popular sport in your country?

Q. Do you prefer team or individual sports? [Why?]

Q. Did you play any sport in your childhood that you no longer play? [Why?]

Q. Who is your favourite sports star? [Why]

39. Topic: Law

Q. Why do you think law and order are important?

Q. Who/which department is most responsible for enforcing the law?

Q. Should laws be more universal?

Q. Is there any law you think is too strict? [Why?/Why not?]

Q. How do people in your country generally think about obeying laws?

40. Topic: Online Information

Q. Is online information reliable?

Q. Do you think there is too much information online?

Q. Which sources do you usually use to get information from online? [Why?]

Q. How do you verify if information or news is true that you get from social media platforms?

41. Topic: Fashion

Q. Do you always follow trendy fashion? [Why?/Why not?]

Q. How has fashion changed in your country in recent years?

Q. Is maintaining fashion expensive in your country? [Why?/Why not?]

Q. Do you think fashion is an important part of our life? [Why?/Why not?]

42. Topic: Public Facilities

Q. Are there many public facilities in your country?

Q. Do you go to a park often? [Why?/ Why not?]

Q. Do you think parks should be free of charge? [Why?/ Why not?]

Q. What public facilities do you use often?

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